Brad Marks

Brad Marks is a 30-year-old Brisbane-based country music artist, originally from the Southern Highlands in NSW. He grew up singing around campfires and performing in talent quests and various competitions eventually moving on to sing all over the east coast. Brad has released a number of charting singles in the past and co-written with the likes of Troy Kemp, Allan Caswell, Luke O’Shea but has taken a step back over the past three years to start a family with his fiancé.

Along with Covid 19 slowing his return to doing what he loves, Brad also had to overcome some health issues having 2 surgeries on his nose and sinuses but is completely healed and couldn’t be happier to get back out there.

He has spent some time working with Australian Nashville-based producer Michael Flanders, and plans to spend the next 12 months writing as much as he can with as many people as he can and is excited to get some new music out for everyone to hear!